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Madison County Library System

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Appropriate Use of the Library

Library users must present a valid library card from MCLS for checkout of all library materials. If the staff cannot verify the validity of the patron's card on the computer system, checkout will not be permitted. A library user who has lost his or her card may apply for a new one by showing valid identification and paying a nonrefundable $3.00 replacement charge. If the card is later found, it must be destroyed or returned to the library for disposal. Refunds will not be made for replacement library cards.

Appropriate Use of the Library PDF | tmpphp0SxuvU - mclsms.org   Appropriate Use of the Library PDF

Building Rules and Policies

The primary duty of the library is to serve the public. The Board of Trustees and the administration welcome the public's suggestions for improvement in the library's operation and services. The policies of the Madison County Library System are public record and any patron is welcome to examine these documents upon request. Download below.

Building Rules and Policies PDF | building-rules-and-policies.pdf - mclsms.org   Building Rules and Policies PDF

Children Young Adult Policy and Procedures

In an effort to provide a library environment that allows all patrons to utilize library materials in a safe, relaxed manner, the Library Board of Trustees has adopted a policy statement concerning unattended or disruptive children. Learn more below.

Children Young Adult Policy PDF | children-young-adult-policy.pdf - mclsms.org   Children Young Adult Policy PDF

Gift Donation Policy

The libraries accept gifts of materials (books, compact discs, audiocassettes, and video materials) if they are in good condition. Due to space limitations, magazines are not accepted. Learn more below.

Gift Donation Policy PDF | gifts-policy.pdf - mclsms.org   Gift Donation Policy PDF

Internet Use Policy

It is the policy of the Madison County Library System (MCLS) to prevent user access over its computer network to, or transmission of, inappropriate material via Internet, electronic mail, or other forms of direct electronic communications. Learn more below.

Internet Use Policy PDF | computer-use-and-internet-safety-policy.pdf - mclsms.org   Internet Use Policy PDF

Local History Collection Policy

The Madison County Library Local History & Genealogy collection is a source of knowledge, ideas, stories and memories of the people and history of Madison County. It is developed and managed as a community resource to inspire, educate and inform the community and visitors, and to contribute to the conservation of the history and heritage of the county. Learn more below.

Local History Collection Policy PDF | local-history-collection-policy.pdf - mclsms.org   Local History Collection Policy PDF

Meeting Room Policy

The Madison County Library System welcomes the use of its meeting room facilities for cultural, civic, educational, and public information meetings of interest to the citizens of our county. Limitations do apply. Learn more.

Meeting Room Policy PDF | Meeting-Room-Policy.pdf - mclsms.org   Meeting Room Policy PDF

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